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therestlessintrovert - A great measurement of progress is comparing what you were grateful for last year to what you're grateful for now ...or...

A great measurement of progress is comparing what you were grateful for last year to what you’re grateful for now …or something like that

jaylumi - Small balcony makes a great sitting area

 Posted by J.LUMI

Small balcony makes a great sitting area Posted by J.LUMI

apartmentshowcase - New Post has been published on...

apartmentshowcase New Post has been published on http://www.apartmentshowcase.com/blog/tips/2016/12/5-mix-and-match-tips-for-lush-and-versatile-interior-design/ 5 Mix and Match Tips For Lush and Versatile Interior DesignDo you feel like your home decor is down in the dumps? If your apartment looks plain and dull, maybe it lacks a bit of boldness and contrast. While there is nothing wrong with sticking with neutrals, it can get a bit boring. The best way to achieve a striking and breathtaking design is by mixing and matching textures and patterns. This technique is great for creating depth and visual interest in your decor. The trouble is that it can be quite tricky to pull off a well-designed and balanced interior. If you are new to the mixing and matching concept, you can try these 5 basic tips. Diamonds and Stripes. Credit: By Alvin Trusty on flickr creative commons Pick a Color Palette You Love One of the biggest difficulties of mixing and matching patterns is determining what will work well together. Choose a color tone that you really like as a base and then build it up with details in complementing shades. Keep the walls and flooring neutral and use bold prints on a couple of key pieces, like a rug, throw pillows, or wallpaper on one of the walls. For heavily used rooms, pick tones that don’t stain easily and require minimum cleaning. Decide whether you prefer cooler or warmer shades. The best strategy for a novice in mixing and matching is to select two main colors and two accent color to add contrast and character. Search: Find Apartment For Rent in Silver Spring  Strive for Balance Whether you are mixing colors, textures, or patterns, always look for balanced combinations. This means that if you use one bizarre feature, the complementing detail should not be that busy. Just because you are not professional, doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the bright and rich colors. Pick prints with monochromatic or simple design that will not compete visually with the eye-catching tones. Why limit yourself only to pastels when you can choose from so many exciting and invigorating colors. Splash of Purple. Credit: By Elif Altinbasak on flickr creative commons Work with Patterns If you feel uncomfortable decorating with patterns, use different scale prints in the same color palette. Pick a dominant print from your window treatments or artwork and then combine it with smaller scale patterns on the textiles in your interior. To achieve harmonious and clean design, you can have your all your patterns in varying saturations and tones of the same color. An interior should not be absolutely matchy-matchy to be coherent. Related: 6 Apartment Decorating Rules Worth Breaking  Blending Textures Varying texture is another way to give your decor an edge. The general rule is the more contrast the better. Texture can work on different levels like the fabric’s thickness or material. There are a lot of places you can incorporate this technique, besides the throw pillows on your sofa. Think draperies, upholstery and rugs as well. Bonus tip: When selecting texture consider the general cleaning and maintenance of the piece and how it will be used. Fun Patterns. Credit: Corry on flickr creative commons Size and Proportion Playing with details in different size and shape is just as important as pattern, texture, and color. Layering items that vary in scale will keep a room from being flat. However, avoid too drastic differences and consider the function of each piece. Avoid using too many details if you don’t have a lot of time for dusting and cleaning. With these tips you should be able to make your apartment decor interesting and unique while still coherent! Looking for a new place? Search apartments in the DC area with Apartment Showcase!  Bio: Ella Andrews is a content writer and blogger. Her passions are home remodeling, house removals and projects related to interior design. She is presently focused on writing and enjoys every opportunity to share tips and advice with her readers. For more helpful tips, visit: ovencleaningealing.com

mygoalmyway - My little Christmas decor

My little Christmas decor



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